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Meet Dr. Lazarus

Dr. Melissa Lazarus - Bal Harbour Dermatologist Melissa C. Lazarus, M.D. is a Board Certified dermatologist with extensive experience and expertise in general, cosmetic, pediatric, and surgical dermatology. Dr. Lazarus has published numerous chapters and papers in well-respected medical textbooks and peer reviewed journals, given lectures at both national and international meetings, and has been involved in multiple clinical research trials. In addition to her academic achievements, Dr. Lazarus is often sought out to give advice to popular magazines such as Allure, Cosmopolitan, New Beauty, Fitness, and Health, and local news and print media. A voluntary instructor in the University of Miami Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery, Dr. Lazarus was recently appointed secretary/treasurer of the Miami Society for Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery. Dr. Lazarus is most proud of the relationships she has forged with her patients, providing a high level of personalized service with an unending commitment to the best quality of care for every member of the family.

Melissa Lazarus, M.D. received her undergraduate degree from the University of Miami, where she was accepted into the prestigious "Medical Scholars Program", from which she graduated with honors. She then received her medical degree from the University of Miami School of Medicine, from which she graduated with "Research Distinction" for her work in cosmetic dermatology research and the "Best in Dermatology" award. After completing an internship in Pediatrics at the University of Miami / Jackson Memorial Hospital, Dr. Lazarus received her Dermatology specialty training at one of the most prestigious national dermatology departments: the Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery at the University of Miami.

In her free time Dr. Lazarus enjoys yoga, designing jewelry, cooking, and spending time with her husband, daughter, and sons.

Professional Affiliations

  • Diplomate - American Board of Dermatology
  • Fellow - American Academy of Dermatology
  • Fellow - American Society for Dermatologic Surgery
  • Affiliate Member - American Society for Mohs Surgery
  • Member - Women's Dermatologic Society
  • Member - American Medical Association
  • Secretary/Treasurer - Miami Society for Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery

Publications - Journal

  • Alster TS, Tanzi EL, Lazarus M. The use of fractional laser photothermolysis for the treatment of atrophic scars. Dermatologic Surgery, March 2007;33(3): 295-299.
  • Baumann L, Vujevich J, Halem M, Martin LK, Kerdel F, Lazarus M, Pacheco H, Black L, Bryde J. Open-Label Pilot Study of Alitretinoin Gel 0.1% in the Treatment of Photoaging. Cutis, July 2005;76 (1):69-73.
  • Mallin K and Lazarus MC. Treating children is different. Dermatology Clinics; April 2005;23(2):171-180.
  • Alonso D, Lazarus MC, Baumann L. Effects of topical arnica gel on post-laser treatment of bruises; Dermatologic Surgery., August 2002;28(8):686-8
  • Lazarus MC, Kerdel F. Topical Tacrolimus (Protopic); Drugs of Today January 2002; 38(1):7-15.
  • Shah NS, Lazarus MC, Bugdodel R, Hsia SL, He J, Duncan R, Baumann LS, The effects of topical vitamin K on bruising after laser treatment. J Am Acad Dermatol; August 2002; 47(2):241-4.
  • Lazarus MC, Baumann LS. The Use of Cosmeceutical Moisturizers; Dermatologic Therapy, September 2001; 14(3): 200-207.
    Lanz, MJ, Toledo, Y., Chesler, MA, Eisenlohr, CP, Effects of Low Dose Inhaled JOURNAL Fluticasone Propionate on Exhaled Nitric Oxide in Hispanic Asthmatics, Abstract. J Allergy and Clin Immunol; January 2000; 104(1 part 2), S33: 511.

Publications - Textbook

  • Lazarus, M and Kerdel FA. Chapter 16: Pigmentary Disorders in Dermatology- Just the Facts; Kerdel FA, Jimenez-Acosta, F.McGraw-Hill 2003
  • Lazarus M. and Baumann LS. Chapter 16-Miscellaneous Cosmetic Products and Procedures in Cosmetic Dermatology: Principles and Practice; Baumann, LS. McGraw Hill 2002
  • Lazarus MC, Baumann LS, Schachner LA. Sun Protection in the Pediatric Population in Gellis and Kagan's Current Pediatric Therapy, 17th Edition. WB Saunders Co, Philadelphia 2002.
  • Baumann L, Machado C, Lazarus M, Kerdel F. Chapter 13-The Status of Antiviral Drugs for Skin Disorders in Dermatologic Therapy in Current Practice; Marks R and Leyden JJ. Martin Dunitz Ltd, 2002:
  • Baumann L, Daza I, Lourenco AC, Lazarus M. Chapter 17- Cosmetic Dermatology in Dermatologic Therapy in Current Practice. Ed. R Marks and JJ Leyden; Martin Dunitz Ltd, London 2002, pp229-251.

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