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Melissa Lazarus Dermatology Opens Beauty Bar Near Bal Harbour

November 12, 2012

Launches with 121 Nails™ Manicures and Pedicures

121 Beauty Bar
121 Beauty Bar offers Miami's most sanitary manicure and pedicure: 121 Nails™.

Melissa Lazarus Dermatology's new on-site beauty bar has recently opened its doors. First up on the beauty menu: stylish, high-quality, sanitary nail services using 121 Nails™, a unique system created by Melissa Lazarus, M.D., that ensures healthy, sterile manicures and pedicures. Dr. Lazarus has nailed the perfect combination of high-end pampering and sanitary medical standards; clients will feel indulged without sacrificing safety.

The "121" refers to the 121 degree temperature at which all of the nail instruments are heated in order to be properly sterilized, to ensure the destruction and removal of all microorganisms from the nail equipment. The "121" also refers to the one-to-one experience you will have: the technicians wear one-time-only gloves, and use disposable files, polishes, brushes, cuticle pushers, etc., guaranteed to only be used for each client.

Unlike most traditional salons, where there is a risk of infections -- bacterial, viral and fungal – from unsanitary equipment and procedures, 121 Nails™ significantly reduces these health concerns, yet it is spa-like, not clinical. Metal nail instruments are made of surgical steel and sterilized in the same manner as the instruments used in surgery. The 121 Nails™ technique is also safe for all patients who have fungus or undergoing chemotherapy, radiation or immunosuppressant therapy.

The nail technicians use polish from the Spa Ritual line (vegan, as well as formaldehyde and resin free), in all the latest colors, and Zoya polish remove plus (natural and odorless). Pedicures are priced at $40 and manicures at $20. Located just off the lobby of our Bay Harbor medical office, the beauty bar is located in a newly constructed, intimate boutique-like area and can be accessed either from the office lobby entrance or through a separate door from the street.

A 121 Nails™ manicure and pedicure will leave you feeling stylish and refreshed, with the confidence that comes from a sterile, germ-free pampering experience.  You're in great hands (and feet) at Melissa Lazarus Dermatology beauty bar.

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