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I'll Let You Play with My Phone if You Promise Not to Kick the Doctor!

July 5, 2012

If you have ever had a child with a wart requiring "freezing" (liquid nitrogen treatment) by the dermatologist, you know how distressing this can be not only to the child, but also to the parent (and sometimes to the doctor as well).

A new study in the Archives of Dermatology suggests that maybe you should hand your iPhone, iPad, or portable DVD player over to your child before and during your visit if you find yourself with a warty kid.

Preschoolers who viewed a favorite movie or TV show prior to having warts removed were actually found to be less anxious about the procedure. In addition, they found that the procedure took 20% less time when the child was distracted during the procedure with videos.

As a mom, personal experience is enough to know that these techniques work. As a physician and scientist, I am always excited to see a study to prove it.

For the full study see Reducing Anxiety Levels in Preschool Children Undergoing Cryotherapy for Cutaneous Viral Warts.

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