Laser Skin Resurfacing / Fraxel

Fraxel re:store® laser treatment is a revolutionary new way to correct aged and damaged skin – without the prolonged downtime or adverse reactions of other resurfacing procedures. Safe and effective, the Fraxel re:store® laser is cleared by the FDA and has undergone extensive testing in the lab and out in the field. Fraxel re:store® treatment is the accepted gold standard for treating acne scars, irregular texture, wrinkling (including wrinkles around the mouth "perioral" and eyes "periocular"), sun spots and age spots.

Fraxel re:store® treatment With, you get dramatic results without going under the knife. Instead, Fraxel re:store® laser treatment uses points of light to precisely treat thousands of microscopic areas of your skin. The treatment penetrates deep into the skin to remove old, damaged skin cells, stimulates your body's own natural healing process and collagen production, and replaces the cells with fresh, glowing, healthy skin. By design, Fraxel® treatments can target between 5 and 35 percent of the skin's surface, leaving 65 to 95 percent available to quickly heal the treated areas. You can expect two levels of results, immediate and progressive. Immediately after initial healing is complete, the surface of the skin will feel softer, look brighter, and tone will start to become even. Progressive results occur over the next three to six months as deeper layers of skin continue to heal. With this treatment, you can get improved skin tone, reduced wrinkles and fine lines, smoother skin texture, and reduction of acne and surgical scars all with minimal downtime and discomfort. Some studies show it may even be effective for the treatment of stretch marks. Because the technology is so precise, Fraxel re:store® treatment works not only on the face, but also on delicate skin areas like the neck, chest and hands. Simply put, Fraxel® treatment promotes your skin's own healing process, resulting in natural rejuvenation that removes years from your appearance.