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Is this the most sanitary manicure and pedicure in Miami?

Sanitary manicure pedicure in Miami Millions of men and women visit manicurists to have their nails groomed every year. While these treatments can make hands and feet look more attractive, occasionally the result of having a manicure or pedicure is developing nail fungus or bacterial infections. These infections not only look bad, but they may feel even worse. And although the risk is low of transmission of HIV or Hepatitis B or C through broken skin that occurs during a visit to a nail salon, this risk does exist. In addition, due to the risks of infection, patients with lowered immune systems have been discouraged from having these treatments done due to their increased risk of infection.

After treating many cases of nail fungus in her office, Dr. Lazarus realized that there must be a better way to keep her patients safe, and still allow them to look and feel beautiful. She developed a manicure and pedicure technique now known as 121 Nails™. A 121 Nails™ manicure or pedicure begins with all single use items, including the lining of our pedicure bowls. All files, polishes, brushes, cuticle pushers, etc. are disposable and guaranteed to only be used during your visit. Our surgical steel instruments are made of the same material as our surgical instruments that we use for skin cancer surgery, and are sterilized in exactly the same way as our operating room instruments after each and every use.

Our technicians are specially trained in the 121 Nails™ technique and are certified in the procedure devised by Dr. Lazarus. You can relax and enjoy a pampering manicure or pedicure without worry of the risk of infection or germs. And if you already have fungus, our technicians are trained to perform your treatment so that it will not be spread to other nails, and will not be spread to other clients. In addition, our manicures are safe for patients that have low immune systems, such as those undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, or immunosuppressant therapy. Another perk- patients undergoing cosmetic procedures in our office can comfortably numb for procedures and have a manicure or a pedicure at the same time.

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